Some will tell you that the only way to eat healthy food is to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian. Others will emphasize the quantity of the food you eat and tell you to starve to prevent weight gain. Both of these approaches are wrong as they can and will cause damage to your body. The proper way to keep a perfect line is to balance the intake of ingredients that will provide all that your body requires to operate at optimal levels. This means that you will have to adjust the intake of grains, vegetables, fruit and meat to get all nutrients that your body needs.


What food should you eat?

Protein is necessary for the body, and the largest source of it is the red meat. But you shouldn’t eat only red meat for protein. Red meat isn’t as unhealthy as many people think, but overeating will hinder your quest to maintain a perfect body shape. So, the best option is to eat red meat a maximum of three days a week. This will give you around forty percent of essential protein on a weekly basis. Thirty percent of protein should be consumed through the lean meat. Lean meat in the form of chicken breast and fish has a lot of protein, and it’s the healthiest source of the same.  Nuts, soy products, and beans are also a source of protein, but when it comes to quantity of the same, it can’t compete with meat and fish. You should eat these products but don’t go overboard and make sure that these amount up to ten or fifteen percent of the protein you need (any more and you will have to overeat to gain enough protein).

What food should you avoid?



Any form of fast food contains an enormous quantity of calories and a minimal amount of protein, and thus it should be avoided at all cost. Fast food is the primary reason for the increasing number of obese people. It doesn’t satiate hunger as well as other food, and it has several times the amount of unhealthy fat, sugar, and salt found in meat, vegetables, and fruit.